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Sa Phyra's Adventures
Newly Solar and far away from the desert
I stepped though the door. I blinked in the bright light and realised it was coming from me. There was a man in the room but I was battling to see him through the glow. What was happening? Where was I? How had I escaped the rising sun? He tried to talk to me but I did not understand his words. His hands palm up seemed to indicate he meant me no harm but my mind was still reeling with all that had happened. I was on the tower trying to open the door, trying to escape the rising sun, desperate not to die. Then the door opened and I am here and I am GLOWING? Why am I glowing?

He has switched to a language I recognise and is saying something about anathemas, The Unconquered Sun, being chosen, voices talking inside heads and why I am glowing. Some of it I remember from those musty old tomes in the older dusty buildings in Chiaroscuro where I first learnt to crack wards and gain entry without other's knowledge. My mind is still spinning. How did I get here? He said here is "Greyspire" but how exactly I got so far north if that is indeed where I am, makes no sense to me right now. I don't remember much beyond the sun rising, the pick exploding and just as I thought I was going to die for sure, I suddenly "knew" how to open the door and stepped through into the cool room, this cool room.

He introduced himself as Ragara Mi-Agi, known as Fire Dragon blooded to all who are not Solar. I like his jade gauntlets but his robes are odd. His clan name identifies him as one of the old houses, the powerful political rulers, but by his robes he is a priest. The priesthood is not a common vocation among the politically born, I am not sure how much I trust him. He did offer water though and knew the formal greetings. The water was sweet to my parched mouth and the fountain mysteriously continued to bubble.

As I calmed down and started to look around the room, I noticed it was similar to the one I had left, although obviously less dusty and faded as it had not been exposed to the ravaging sands and baking sun of the desert. There are many interesting trinkets here and many soft furnishings. Mi-Agi left once I appeared to be less bewildered by my ordeal and promised to return with food in a little while. He suggested I wash up and perhaps try and get some sleep to fully recover.

There was a bath in the room of likes that I had only heard were found in the finer bathing houses. I found a bottle of some kind of soap on the rim that bubbled as I added it to the water. I gently dis-robed thinking to not disturb the scabs from my ordeal, only to discover that not only am I no longer bleeding but all my wounds from the desert are healed. The smell of smoke reaches my nose and I smile, turning to see where my lizard is fighting a cushion. Thankfully it managed to follow me through, even if it is as unsettled as I am in this new place. I discard my canvas pants and tunic which are singed and cut in many places. My breast plate and matching armbands I rest on a cushion near the tub before sinking into the warm sudsy water.

This must be heaven. I have died and gone to heaven. The bath is pure bliss and I begin to relax. My mind slowly winds down and I begin to process all that has happened. Mi-Agi said something about being chosen by The Unconquered Sun for a special purpose, of now being a Solar. I had heard of these before and now understood that I could not really return home. This saddened me a little but the warmth from the water and exhaustion from the nights ordeals slowly dulled my mind and I grew sleepy.

Once I felt clean enough and seemed to have reached only a dull glow, I finally rose out of the water and stepped from the bath that then miraculously drained and refilled with clean water. I found a soft towel to dry off with and lacking anything else to sleep in, pulled back on my grimy tunic before climbing into one of the soft beds to pass out.

I awoke much later to a veritable feast. Mi-Agi had returned with bowls of fruit and rice, plates of fresh fish and salted meat and a small flask of juice. I nudged the plates of fish and meat towards the lizard hoping to distract it from igniting yet another cushion in its "hunt" around the room and apologized to Mi-Agi for its behaviour. Mi-Agi also presented me with silk robes. I have never had anything so fine, the fabric slides so deliciously against my skin. I must remember to repair the canvas component of my armour though.

As I ate Mi-Agi explained some more of the history thus far, about their current fight and most recent battle and how this tower must be protected. He is apparently like me too - chosen by the Unconquered Sun - and there are other he can introduce me to too but first I have to decide if I am with them or not, if I am going to help defend the tower. He seems very knowledgeable and I could learn a lot from him but I am not fond of fighting and all this talk of war unsettles me.

I explained where I am from, showed him my Ghost Glass knives and my hearthstone which he seemed impressed with. He is very charming and most persuasive. I have also never been known to back down from a challenge, although just how much help a solitary tomb raider from the desert such as myself would really be, I have no idea, but he seems to think there is a reason I was sent here so for now I think I will stick around, see what happens and perhaps learn some new tricks from this intriguing person.

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The Ghost Tower has been known to the tribes forever. It’s been a beacon in the desert, one that rises up to warn the unwary that they venture too far, that the sands that they pass by are unsafe. Yet there remain some few who dare the Surrounds picking the sands for the Ghost Glass. Strangely coloured and warped, impossibly hard and sharp, weapons made from Ghost Glass are prized and feared.

I had long ago made a reputation as a Ghost Miner, returning with shards when others failed as the outer sands are mostly picked clean now. Few would go as deep as me into the cursed sands. It shamed some of them and so I was challenged – a master of the sands such as I would not fear the tower itself surely? At night? And thus I found myself scrabbling through the glass littered sands at the base of the tower in the pale moonlight. Here the shards were common and massive, many standing taller than my five feet. In some I could almost see the spirits some claimed to be trapped in the glass.

I could turn back now. I had done what they asked, but my curiosity and my pride pushed me onward. They wanted some thing from the tower itself; I would bring them something to keep them quiet for an age, something never seen in the tribes before.
Twenty meters above my head I spied an opening in the shattered sides of the tower, 20 meters of sheer glass over a field of shattered shards that would make even the shortest fall a final mistake. It never even entered my mind to consider it too dangerous.
It was nearly dawn as I pulled myself over the rugged lip and into the broken room. The luxury of the room still visible even after the centuries exposed to the desert. It was however devoid of anything loose enough to take back. I could see a doorway with strange runes and letters carved around it, obviously sealed and judging by what I had learned from experiences elsewhere warded tightly. This was not going to be easy but it would be fun.

I pulled the strange device I had bought in Chiaroscuro from my guild contact - a working essence pick. I had seen worn out fragments of the things before - old and useless but this one was alive and worth every gem I had paid for it. He had sworn it would get past all but the most powerful wards. I would get in.

I started the rituals. Blood came easily – my arms were nicked all over from the climb. The words and phrases of simple charms I learned ages ago, directing the power of the ancient device. Instinct and faint recognition of the door symbols guiding my hands.
Then the sun rose and I realised I was dead. The glass tower turned molten gold as the sun hammered into it, and the heat rose. The place was a furnace. Still I’d die if I jumped off, and die if remained, and I was damned if I was going to die OUTSIDE the tower.
The rising heat soon overpowered even the protection from my lucky stone; I desperately focused on the door. Pouring myself into the invocations, trying half formed invocations and made up spells as I fought the warding on the door, flashing light and sparks railed against my intrusion, the wards buckling and shifting against my desperate assault.

Then the ward breaker burned out – shattering as the ancient circuits overloaded. My clothes were burning now, the canvas smoking from the intense heat. The haze inside the tower was so great I could no longer even see the desert beyond but still I refused to give up.

As the sun rose high enough to be seen over the wall of the tower itself. A blood red eye that saw everything, that consumed everything. I slammed myself against the door attacking it with the sorcery and power that suddenly consumed my soul. Knowledge poured into me. And purpose. Secrets opened in my mind and the sun claimed me.

At last I placed a bloody palm against the smooth surface of the door and it opened allowing me to stumble forward through the light carrying me into the coolness beyond.

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